About us

Beards = Respect. There is nothing that can tell someone else about the willpower, determination, and patience that you have when you sport a beard on your face. It takes guts to decide to grow one, it takes patience to wait for it to form into a majestic shape, and it takes determination not to want to shave it off during those first few days. We are the duo that brings you Beardspect and we welcome you to our domain where beard lovers from all over the world have come together to revel in our products.
Beardspect is a company that reflects the very essence of men and celebrate facial hair in all shapes and sizes. We have come together to create the perfect beard oil that will keep you moisturised and conditioned throughout the year. We believe that men, just like women, need a little bit of pampering every now and then in the most masculine way possible. Your beard is probably already loved by all and it should be loved by you as well.
Beardsoect Premium Beard oil - About Us
The concept of Beardspect was created by two friends, Constantinos Loizou and Alexis Solomon. We have known each other for quite a few years – ever since we were children – and have now collaborated together to channel our creativity into a great product. Our love for graphic design and our experience in the field allowed us to use the perfect platform in order to build an innovative brand, boost our online presence and start our online community.
We have put a lot of hard work and dedication into making this brand and product what it is today and we hope that it will portray our passion throughout the entire world. We have used all the resources we have to help cultivate a respectful and understanding community surrounding beards and the people who grow, appreciate and maintain them.
"What you think of yourself is much more important than what people think of you"
BeardSpect Team