Our Philosophy

The beard has been a symbol of masculinity throughout the years. A lot of important historical figures have been known to sport beards and it gave them massive amounts of social standing in society. Think of famous politicians like Abraham Lincoln or great inventors like Leonardo da Vinci and even great philosophers like Socrates. It is a known fact that men with beards have made their marks. Beards have portrayed respect amongst people and this is exactly what we attempt to portray through our brand.
Beardsoect Premium Beard oil - Philosophy
The Beardspect philosophy is contained in the word itself: beard + respect. We encourage everyone to respect the beard – those who can grow it and those who can’t. It does not sit in everyone to complete the growth process of the beard, and it takes more work than people realise. Our philosophy is aimed at letting people know that growing a beard takes hard work, serious maintenance, and determination to watch and wait for results. A beard is not built in a day, and this is something that reflects a personality trait of every beard grower.
We believe that by showing how amazing it actually is to grow a beard people will be more prone to respect the process. In order for others to understand the science behind the beard, they need to understand why it is done, how it is done, and why it should be maintained. It is no different than a hairstyle that has to be cropped, cleaned, and cut every so often in order to look great and keep the hair healthy. We are here to help those understand this concept and to exhibit our passion into our products.
We have put a lot of time and effort into the beard oil, and we have considered a wide range of ingredients to bring you a premium product. Our dedication is reflected in every single aspect of our company and our beard oil, and we have done this so that the users feel the same about their beards. We want every single beard grower to treat their facial hair with absolute respect, care and love so that it looks healthy. We believe that it is every person’s responsibility to maintain their beard in order for it to smell great and remain clean.
Our philosophy is aimed at beard enthusiasts to encourage them to respect their fellow bearded friends and to respect their own beard before anything else. We take pride in providing premium beard care for all bearded enthusiast. You wait a long time for your beard to grow; we believe that you should spend just as much time taking care of it, too.
“Respect is Earned”
BeardSpect Team.